We provide services of installation, maintenance and repair of mechanical-electrical systems. These services can be performed for machines already installed in the production plant, or to machinery that we provide on sale and its installation can be carried out.

We offer services for mechanical installation of industrial machinery. We have many years of experience, having worked with different industries and companies in this environment. We provide highly qualified engineers who have carried out work both in the country and internationally. For this type of installation, there must be enough precision, so we use adequate tools and personnel with experience in their use.

In addition, we have a facility verification and supervision service in case it is required for smaller industrial companies, so that their resources can be used in the best possible way.

We offer maintenance service for industrial machines for their proper functioning and to avoid downtime in your production line. This service is offered in order for your plant to have the least amount of downtime, and thus achieve greater efficiency in its processes.

In addition to maintenance, we are able to carry out repairs if necessary due to a failure that caused the production line to stop. This is done in the shortest time possible, thus avoiding losses due to lack of production at your plant.