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  • ARM Cortex-A9 processor with 500 MHz and integrated I/O processor
  • POWERLINK with onboard poll response chaining
  • Onboard Ethernet
  • 2x onboard USB
  • 256 MB DDR3 SDRAM
  • 1 GB onboard flash drive
  • Fanless
  • No battery
  • Extremely compact

The controllers in the X20 Compact-S family are both powerful and compact. The fanless, battery-free design of these controllers means they are completely maintenance-free.

The X20CP0483 is equipped with an ARM Cortex-A9-500 processor, 256 MB RAM and 1 GB built-in flash drive. The FRAM for storing remanent variables has 32 kB available.

With POWERLINK, Ethernet, USB and RS232, the controller offers a wide range of communication options. An optional RS485 or CAN interface is available. If the application requires additional interfaces, the controller can be modularly expanded by one or two X20 interface slots. This allows the entire product range of X20 fieldbus interfaces to be used.