X20CP1684- PLC with Intel Atom

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  • Intel Atom with 400 MHz (compatible) and integrated I/O processor
  • Ethernet, POWERLINK V2 with poll-response chaining and onboard USB
  • 1 slot for modular interface expansion
  • 1 GB onboard flash drive
  • CompactFlash as removable application memory
  • Fanless

This controller is based on Intel Atom processor technology and used for applications with the highest performance requirements. It rounds off the top end of the X20 controller product family.

The basic configuration includes USB, Ethernet, POWERLINK V2 and removable CompactFlash. The standard Ethernet interface supports gigabit communication. For even more real-time network performance, the onboard POWERLINK interface supports poll-response chaining mode (PRC).
In addition, 1 slot can be used for additional interface modules to increase flexibility.