X20SO4110 Safe Digital Outputs

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  • 4 safe digital outputs with 0.5 A
  • Source circuit
  • Output type A
  • Current monitoring
  • Open circuit detection
  • Integrated output protection

This module is equipped with 4 safe digital outputs. The nominal output current is 0.5 A.

The module can be used for controlling actuators in safety-related applications up to PL e or SIL 3.

The outputs are designed using semiconductor technology so that the safety-related characteristics do not depend on the number of operating cycles. The “high-side low-side” variant (output type A) is limited to actuators without reference potential (e.g. relays, valves). Type A outputs have safety-related advantages since the actuator can be cut off in its connection cable in all error scenarios. Safe digital output channels provide protection against automatic restart when network errors occur and also using a current measurement for open circuit detection.

This module is designed for X20 12-pin terminal blocks.